Dear Applicant:

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a career as a professional massage therapist. Your choice of the JSG School of Massage Therapy for Healthcare, Esthetic, and Spa Professionals and Advance and Qualified Students involves an extra commitment beyond learning Swedish Massage. Our faculty consists of nurse massage therapist and nationally certified professionals who have the qualifications and experience to instruct and train you to achieve you goal of massage therapist.

The JSG School of Massage Therapy comprehensive program offers qualified students a wide variety of study and practical experience that are unique to a curriculum in New Jersey.

Students have an opportunity to offer community service experience to senior daycare facilities, hospitals, fitness center, salon and more. It is the school’s intention with today’s professional and health needs to be equipped with traditional and contemporary modalities as well as a through understanding of human anatomy and kinesiology.

At JSG students are challenged personally to build and develop a sense of professionalism in a unique setting of being small and personal.

Your educational experience will allow you to learn and practice massage techniques, including Swedish, sports, prenatal, geriatric, medical massage, reflexology, lymph drainage, chair, stone and hydrotherapy in a professional setting. This complete curriculum will qualify you in the State of New Jersey and Connecticut as well as prepare you to take the national exam in massage and bodywork.

We always enjoy meeting with you , so do not hesitate to phone or stop by at the school and talk with the faculty and students.

We look forward to helping you advance your career!

Jane S. Garofano PhD, N.C.T.M.B, L.M.T