The JSG 2022-2025 Massage & Bodywork Curriculum:

Anatomy and Physiology / Kinesiology
Massage Theory and Practice
Pathology and Medical Massage
Lymph Drain
Stone Massage
Geriatric and Terminally Ill

Prenatal and Infant
Sports Massage
Onsite Chair Massage
Business Practices
Ethics & Law
Volunteer service

Includes 500 Hours for New Jersey and National Certification. Approved by New Jersey Department of Education & N.J. Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

500 Hours by the State of New Jersey for License in Massage Therapy

Class Credit Hours
Anatomy and Physiology / Kinesiology 125 Hours (NCTMB required)
Massage Theory and Practice  250 Hours
 Asian Acupressure-Shiatu 50 Hours
 On-Site Massage  5 Hour
 Reflexology  5 Hour
 Pathology and Medical Massage 50 Hours
 Geriatric Massage  5 Hour
 Sports Massage  5 Hour
 Hydrotherapy  5 Hour
 Prenatal and Infant Massage  5 Hour
 Stone Therapy  5 Hour
 Lymph Drain  5 Hour
 Aromatherapy  5 Hour
 Business Practice 10 Hours
 Ethics & Law 15 Hours

Diploma and Certification

Students completing the 500 hours of massage training required by the State of New Jersey will be awarded a diploma of completion of theory and practice in Therapeutic Massage. The JSG School of Massage Therapy curriculum is designed to prepare a student to qualify for the NCTMB or the MBLEX exam and a New Jersey, CT, FL, or PA License.