Tuition: $5,995.00

Books, DVD, PowerPoint and Materials Cost $395
Limited Enrollment: 8 students

The complete 500 hours professional massage training program is $5,995; payable in increments each month after a $500 registration fee. In special cases, payment plans can be modified. $395 is in addition to the tuition for textbooks, DVD, PowerPoint, shirts and lotions. A massage table should be purchased at the students earliest convenience after class begins.  ABMP student insurance needed for home practicum.  CPR is required for a NJ license.

Required Textbooks

 Theory and Practice of Massage Therapy by Mark F. Beck  (Text, Workbook)
 Musculoskeletal Anatomy by Seig and Adams
 Anatomy Coloring Book by Kapit and Elson
 Success In Massage Therapy by Dr. Jane S. Garofano with PowerPoint & DVD

Refund Policy

All tuition payments will be refunded if the student cancels within three business days after registration even if classes have begun. The school will retain ten percent of tuition if withdrawal occurs in the first week, twenty percent in the second week and third week and forty-five percent after the third week One hundred percent of tuition is retained or owed if more than fifty percent of the program is completed.

Student Complaint/Appeal Process Resolution Policy

For a complaint or appeal:

  1. Submit in writing to director with student name, address, date, social security number and statement of concern including dates for meeting
  2. Student/Director meeting with attempt to resolve
  3. Student notified in 5 business days of decision
  4. A refund may be settled according to date of complaint