Our Mission

Quality education and clinical training since 1996 is the mission of the JSG School of Massage Therapy. Our graduates qualify for the MBLEX exams and will satisfy the educational requirements for the new NJ State License.

JSG School of Massage Therapy


The target population of the JSG School of Massage Therapy is to provide quality therapy instructions and training to Health CareEstheticSpa Professional and Qualified Students who are seeking to expand their career goals and skills, and it intends to prepare the student for the MBLEX, which complies with the New Jersey License eligibility. The school will also provide for volunteer in-service to hospital employees or organizations as a community service.

Published PowerPoint instruction and massage routine as well as, individualized classroom tutorial instruction, and Home Study, have been added to the program. Once training is completed, massage techniques can enhance your existing career or begin a new one.

Our Quality Education at JSG School of Massage has developed in experience superior teaching techniques for all types of learners. The curriculum focuses on learning from PowerPoint notes printed for each student; a JSG massage routine DVD for home study & practice, anatomy coloring book and massage text with workbook. Our ratio is 2:1 teaching & clinic in a small class limit of 8. Formal and informal tutorial classes accommodate all learning levels, resulting in a successful outcome.

Dr. Jane Garofano, Owner, and Director is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and a teaching professional for 45 years in Anatomy and Physiology, as well as the author of the MBLEX review book, Massage Therapy Exam Review. She offers a curriculum for all professionals and advanced standing that meets the New Jersey Department of Vocational Education standards, approval, and the National Certification Board MBLEx prerequisites for exam eligibility.