New Jersey Massage Therapists & Bodyworker “Licensee’s” are required to complete 20 hours in continuing education each biennial (2 year) renewal period.  The 20 CE units must include at least 2 hours of Ethics.  JSG is an approved massage school by the N.J. Department of Education and Workforce Development to provide these educations hours through Courses @ JSG School of Massage Therapy.

Scheduled classes are Sundays 1-5PM. | or call 201-394-9200

  • Ethics For Massage Therapists – (2 CE, Tuition: $40) This course is a review of the Ethics fo MT’s according to the AMTA, ABMP, and NCTMB organizations is covering the essentials of boundaries, privacy and discrimination.
  • Lypossage Zone 1 –  (18 CE, Tuition: $350) Massage Therapists will learn the ‘LYPOSSAGE’ modality to reduce ‘CELLULITE’.  This is a non-invasive treatment enhancing the figure and contour the body by doing Zone 1; hips, thighs, abdomen and buttocks.  The results of 18 sessions in a healthy new figure.  The history, protocol, benefits will be discussed with a hands-on demo and clinic to follow.  This modality will build income and clients.
  • Hot Stone For Massage Therapists- (9 CE, Tuition: $175) MT’s will learn to incorporate Hot Stones as a tool for full body massage with the placement of stones.  The stone technique application emphasize the therapeutic benefits to the client and the therapist using the stones to save their hands with  ergonomic strokes.  The therapist will learn contraindications, stone properties, set-up, heating, and sanitizing in a clinical setting.
  • Prenatal Massage- (9 CE, Tuition: $175) An in introduction to the technique and routine used to massage a pregnant during each trimester paying attention to positioning, draping, precautions, and contraindications.  The benefits of prenatal massage to the mother and baby will be discussed.  The is not a Certificate class.
  • Aroma Therapy for MT’s/Bodyworkers- (9 CE, Tuition: $175) Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for healing properties, physical, emotional.  The oils can address illness and conditions such as insomnia, PMS, headaches, injury, pain, anxiety.  The course will provide the knowledge to safely and effectively use essential oils into a practice for the therapeutic benefits to the client hands-on demonstration of oils, such as lavender, lemon, peppermint will be included.
  • Reflexology- (9 CE, Tuition: $175) This is an introduction to Reflexology of the feet.  The history, protocol, and benefits will be discussed with hands-on routine emphasizing body parts and organs affected.  Short nails are required.
  • Deep Tissue- (9 CE, Tuition: $175) This class will demonstrate various deep issue techniques for stress and injury therapy