JSG graduates are successful in their careers as massage therapists by adding it on to existing work as a Nurse, Trainer, Chiropractor, Skin Care, Hospice, Physical Therapist and Yoga. Many graduates have opened a NEW business and branched out to other specialties as Prenatal and Infant, Corporate Massage, Sports, Spas, Rehabilitation Centers ,Cruise Ships and more!

I am Dr. Andrea Hayslip, a Chiropractor since 1989, that wanted to incorporate massage into my practice helping my patients while increasing my income . I found the 12 week accelerated massage program at JSG school of massage professional and teaching in the power point and DVD qualified me for my N.J. license. The time and money invested was well worth it and I recommend this massage program to other chiropractors who want to benefit and enhance there career.

I am Nicky and a yoga instructor and third grade teacher who wanted to have extra income in the summer and to add more to my yoga.JSG was the best, I took the accelerated class in the summer and the class was small and personal. Dr. Jane helped me to coordinate the massage with the yoga. I would recommend this school to everyone!

I am Kelly with small children and not much time ,but have always loved massage.So I found Dr. Jane and her small and professional school that I could attend at night.I loved it and Dr. Jane found me a job at a Rehab and Sports center along with 2 other graduates in my class. I am happy as a massage therapist now that my children are in school. This school was the best!

I am Anna, a massage therapist from Russia who needed to get a NJ license, soJSG was perfect, I was able to train here this winter on Sundays without interfering with my job. I am now practicing massage because I found Dr. Jane and her wonderful personal school with great instructors.