Thank you for your interest in opening your own Massage Therapy School!

As Owner & Director of The JSG School of Massage Therapy for the past 27 years, I am excited to be offering my comprehensive copy written Massage Therapy  Curriculum. My curriculum provides step by step guidance to start your own Massage Therapy School and attract the growing population of eager massage therapy students around the world, or update and improve your curriculum better teaching methods for growth, success, and financial benefits.

Our comprehensive curriculum is accepted in most U.S. states and includes:

This curriculum has been organized in a ‘user friendly style’ and is intended to enable anyone in a massage related profession to be able to get a school of their own up and running in a short period of time.
The JSG School of Massage Therapy website will outline my professional background, affiliations, course content as well as my published full body routine and sample instructional presentations.

My Massage Therapy Curriculum is being offered in select packages based on the individual needs of prospective owners. These tiered packages are as follows:



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Dr. Jane S. Garofano

1. Comprehensive Massage School Ownership Guide - $2,000 Package

Embark on the journey of entrepreneurship with our exclusive guide on “How to Be a Massage School Owner.” Priced at just $2,000, this comprehensive package offers unparalleled assistance across every facet of establishing and managing your massage school.

Key Features

Bonus Inclusions:

Syllabus Outline (12-20 Weeks): As a bonus, receive a meticulously crafted syllabus outline spanning 12-20 weeks of class. This resource is designed to streamline your curriculum planning, providing a solid foundation for an engaging and structured learning experience.

For just $2,000, unlock the secrets to successful massage school ownership and ensure a robust start to your entrepreneurial journey. Take advantage of this all-encompassing package and set the stage for a thriving and impactful massage education institution.

2. In-Depth Educational Resources and Support Package - $5,500

Elevate your massage school to new heights with our comprehensive educational resources and support package, priced at $5,500. This all-inclusive offering is designed to enrich the learning experience for both students and instructors.

Key Components:

Bonus Inclusions:

Bonus #1: 1-Year Consultation for Program Development (Monthly via Zoom): Avail yourself of a year-long consultation with our experts to fine-tune and enhance your program development. These monthly Zoom sessions will provide valuable insights and guidance to continually improve your massage school’s offerings.

Bonus #2: Website Assistance: Elevate your online presence with dedicated website assistance. Our experts will guide you in creating an impactful and user-friendly website for your massage school.

Bonus #3: Massage Review Integration: Enhance your classroom experience by incorporating the Massage Review in your teaching. Additionally, receive support for MBLEX review integration, ensuring your students are well-prepared for their professional journey.

For $5,500, invest in a comprehensive package that not only enriches your teaching materials but also provides ongoing support and resources to continually enhance your massage school’s program. Elevate your educational offerings and set a new standard in massage therapy education

3. Immersive Clinical Training Experience - $4,500 Package

Embark on a transformative journey with our 3-day clinical hands-on, in-person instruction—a cornerstone of excellence in massage education. Priced at $4,500, this package is designed to equip instructors with the skills and knowledge needed to deliver a comprehensive full-body routine.

Key Components:

Bonus Inclusions:

All-Inclusive Training with 8 Videos: Enhance your learning experience with a bonus package that includes 8 comprehensive videos. These step-by-step guides are tailored for both home and classroom use, providing a versatile resource for instructors seeking to refine their techniques and methodologies.

For $4,500, invest in a transformative package that goes beyond traditional teaching methods, offering a hands-on experience that sets a new standard in massage education. Elevate your instructional skills and empower yourself to deliver a holistic and impactful education to your students.