Updated 3 Month Tutorial Instruction

2:1 in, small class, clinic, Power Point presentation, JSG massage DVD, and Dr. Garofano’s 5th edition of her NCTMB Massage Review Book.
These modes of instruction guarantee you qualification as a New Jersey massage therapist. Once training is completed, your massage techniques can enhance your existing career or begin a new one.

Why Study Therapeutic Massage?

  • Continued Education for Health Care or Cosmetologists
  • Expand Client / Patient Care
  • Provide Therapeutic Benefits for Multiple Populations
  • Professional Growth
  • Prepare for National Exams in Massage Therapy
  • Increase Income at Hospital, Home, Salon, Gyms or Spa

Letter From The Director

Dear Applicant:

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a career as a professional massage therapist. Your choice of the JSG School of Massage Therapy for Healthcare, Esthetic, and Spa Professionals and Advanced and Qualified Students involves and extra commitment beyond learning Swedish Massage… read more

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